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FUE Hair Transplant Result
Latest Hair Transplant Result
Ludhiana Hair Transplant Result
Hair Transplant Result in Punjab
Best Hair Transplant Result in Punjab
Ludhiana Hair Transplant Clinic Result
FUE hair Transplant Result in Punjab
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Fue Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of extracting or removing the donor hair for hair transplantation. Small, circular punches are used to make a round incision in the skin around the follicular unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue. The follicular unit graft is then extracted or harvested from the scalp, leaving a small opening, which quickly heals. The FUE method is different from the strip method as the FUE extraction sites heal in a random pattern of circular scars, which is easier to hide in those patients who prefer to keep their hair very short. In FUE, various instruments are utilized to extract the grafts from manual hand-held devices, electrical rotary instruments, and most recently, and automated robotic devices.

Beard Hair Transplant

Hair loss occurs due to several reasons such as medical treatment, stress, anxiety and injury in head. As Hair are an essential part of body, a wide reduction in hair density affects your overall appearance and is a sign of a medical trouble. Therefore it is essential to get a hair restoration consultation as soon as possible to prevent any major tragedy. We at AMS hair transplant Ludhiana, comprehensively diagnoses the reasons of hair fall and suggests the suitable treatment. Beard Hair transplantation for Men Beard hair transplants have specifically seen a vast increase across the globe particularly in the recent months. FUE for beard transplants is used to increased beard density in case of mild hair count in beard and to cover the facial scars. Just like any other hair transplant procedure, beard transplant is a specialized procedure offering the results that are widely based on the skills and qualification possessed by your surgeon. Our expert doctors at specialized in facial hair, beard and eyebrow hair transplants.


PRP Therapy

At Ludhiana hair transplant clinic Hair Restoration center, we have been performing PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions. Recent scientific research and technology provides the medical community with new understandings of wound and tissue healing. As a result of these scientific studies, we recognize PRP is an all-natural autologous medical procedure performed in physicians offices for scalp, skin, and hair stimulation. While studies are slowing being published in the medical literature on the success of PRP, the hair restoration community remains cautious about making claims for hair restoration using exclusively PRP.

See Grade Example


Grade 2

Approx Area:40 cm2

Avg. Density:40 per cm2

No. of Grafts::1600



Grade 3

Approx Area:80-100 cm2

Avg. Density:35 per cm2

No. of Grafts::2500-3500



Grade 4

Approx Area:110-135 cm2

Avg. Density:30-35 per cm2

No. of Grafts::3500-4500



Grade 5

Approx Area:180-200 cm2

Avg. Density:28-30 per cm2

No. of Grafts::4500-5500



Grade 6

Approx Area:200 cm2

Avg. Density:28-30 per cm2

No. of Grafts::5500-6500


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